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Just playing on rope play equipment is a lot of fun for children, but also promotes their skills and competencies. What if a rope play structure could additionally acquire interactive properties,
offering even more learning opportunities and fascination? That’s exactly what our new innovative product Satellights does! Children can experience an exciting interactive game on the rope with Satellights. The Satellights run without any external power supply! The energy you need to play is generated by simply turning the wheel of a console right next to the play structure. Running the power supply cable inside the rope makes it possible to drive rotatable disc seats that had light incorporated into them and glow differently depending on the chosen game option. In this way, the durable components and technologies of our play equipment are combined with the innovative solutions of interactive play.

Children can choose from three games – Reaction, Capitalize out and Speed Test - and train their coordination, attention, balance, motor skills, and physical abilities when playing.

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