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The Quadrifol is a net climber where the spatial net is suspended within a cupola. Created and manufactured by Berliner Seilfabrik, the simple, yet elegant, structure of the Quadrifol is easy to install and low-maintenance. Ever since the Quadrifol is a member of the Berliner Univers family.
Known for their see-through outer frame structures with three-dimensional nets inside – the Univers net climbers all have tensioning points provided with the patented AstemTT tensioning system. This ensures that no technical connecting elements or rope loops intrude into the play area.

Climbing in spatial nets is challenging and stimulates 3D-thinking and the psychomotor skills of children. Users have the freedom to move in any direction they choose. Now the Quadrifol gets updated with a range of add-on elements. Mix and match as you like, and as your space allows. 
Hang out with the Dangle Arc, spin with the Duck Jibe, bounce or chill on the Chess Board Arc, just to name a few – children will have infinite fun!

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